Turnkey EMC Solutions

We provide turnkey EMC solutions to companies who wish to

  1. Invest in cost-effective EMC testing facility
  2. Invest in in-house pre-compliance test and troubleshooting capability
  3. Invest in training engineers in testing and troubleshooting EMC issues

We help design your test rig, supply test equipment and software, install test equipment and provide training in a full package. The equipment package enjoys a competitive market price and you get installation and training for a reasonable fee. Contact us find out how we can be of help.

We supply, install and train for the following test equipments:

  1. EMC shielding tent
  2. EMC test ground plane
  3. LISNs
  4. CDNs
  5. Antennas
  6. Spectrum Analysers
  7. Oscilloscopes
  8. RF Amplifiers
  9. Software
  10. And more.