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Mach One Design is an engineering consultancy firm that is specialised in the field of EMC. We are an associate of Cherry Clough Consultants.

We provide pre-compliance, review and trouble-shooting services to clients across a wide range of industrial sectors. See our Service page for details.

Over the years, we have helped clients over the world to meet the most stringent EMC limits. We believe projects speak louder than fancy marketing words, so please spend some time viewing a list of selected Projects we worked on in the past. By browsing these interesting projects, you should get a taste of what we are capable of.

Customers don’t buy your product because it’s EMC compliant, they buy your product because of its performance. So the skills of excellent EMC engineering is enough to be effective, but not too much. That is our philosophy.

We also provide a showcase project here, which demonstrates our trouble-shooting process.

This website provides some technical articles and video links that Mach One Design produces, see our Technical page. If you want to learn more, please visit our sister website http://emccompliance.co.uk.

We also provide training and education programmes, contact us to find more.

To contact us for business inquiries, please visit Contact page.

Leakage flux from a common mode choke


Dr Min Zhang, the EMC consultant gave keynote speech on Interference Technology EMC Live platform. This presentation is highly recommended by many EMC experts in the field, including Dr. Eric Bogatin, see his recommendations here https://www.signalintegrityjournal.com/blogs/4-eric-bogatin-signal-integrity-journal-technical-editor/post/2177-i-kissed-a-lot-of-frogs-in-june-2021-here-are-two-princes

You can still register and watch it for free here. https://emc.live/2021-event/automotive/