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Mach One Design is an engineering consultancy firm that brought together consultancy, design, and cutting edge manufacture of Electromagnetic Compatibility solutions.

We provide design, pre-compliance, review and trouble-shooting services to clients ranged from prestigious multinationals to one-man start-ups across a wide range of industrial sectors. See our Service page for details.


Training Courses

Our popular training course “You can become an EMC Guru” is back to face-to-face teaching after the pandemic. Book a two-day training session with us where we will be teaching in the new Holiday Inn Express in Bicester. Simply send us an email to book your slots, we will let you know the dates as soon as we have 5 people registered.

Mach One Design EMC training course is based on its unique triangle model. See details including training fees and programme details on our training page.

For those who cannot travel…

We highly encourage you to visit Bicester, UK for a face-to-face training opportunity. But If you cannot travel to the UK, you can still enjoy our highly rated online training course for just $199!

Check out “You can become an EMC Guru – Practical Training Course for Design Engineers” on https://mach1design-shop.fedevel.education


This is a bi-monthly newsletter of what I’ve seen in the field of EMC and thought was interesting. 

Innovative EMC Solutions

The electronics and software industry advances at a fascinating pace, but not the EMC world. What differentiates us in this traditional industry is our proven record of EMC solutions for product designers. Our founder, Dr Min Zhang has over 10 years of design experience working with some of the best product designers and engineers, this includes 7-year design work with Dyson Technology, where he is the go-to guy for everything related to EMC design. If you wonder what a perfectly designed product looks like, just check Dyson Supersonic, which Min is the brain behind it.

Customers don’t buy your product because it’s EMC compliant, they buy your product because of its performance. So the skills of excellent EMC engineering is enough to be effective, but not too much. That is our philosophy.

We have developed and keep updating our in-house simulation tool, where artificial intelligence algorithm (collaboration with Oxford University) is embedded. While not intending to sell this intellectual property, the simulation tool has spearheaded our programme to accelerate EMC design.


Over the years, we have helped clients over the world to meet the most stringent EMC limits. We believe projects speak louder than fancy marketing words, so please spend some time viewing a list of selected Projects we worked on in the past. By browsing these interesting projects, you should get a taste of what we are capable of.

We also provide a showcase project here and another one here, which demonstrate our trouble-shooting process.

This website provides some technical articles and video links that Mach One Design produces, see our Technical page. If you want to learn more about EMC, signal integrity and power integrity, please visit our sister website http://emccompliance.co.uk, where a lot of technical contents can be found for free.

We also provide training and education programmes, contact us to find more.

To contact us for business inquiries, please visit Contact page.

Leakage flux from a common mode choke


Dr Min Zhang, the EMC consultant gave keynote speech on Interference Technology EMC Live platform. This presentation is highly recommended by many EMC experts in the field, including Dr. Eric Bogatin, see his recommendations here https://www.signalintegrityjournal.com/blogs/4-eric-bogatin-signal-integrity-journal-technical-editor/post/2177-i-kissed-a-lot-of-frogs-in-june-2021-here-are-two-princes

You can still register and watch it for free here. https://emc.live/2021-event/automotive/