Project: A package of EMC management work on a battery-powered electric vehicle

Time scale: 15 working days

Scope of work:

  1. Define a suitable vehicle and component level EMC specification. This work shall capture the EMC requirements and test methods for the vehicles produced by the client, focusing on the corporate EMC performance requirements.
  2. Create and approve EMC vehicle-level test plan (performance driven) for the equipment under test (EUT) scheduled for weeks XX & XX. 
  3. Lead the testing activity with the support of the client and the test lab engineers during Weeks XX & XX. 
  4. Review the grounding and bonding strategy for the EUT and provide recommendations based on findings. 
  5. Provide good EMC practice recommendations for the next-generation platform.
Figure 1 Ready for Radiated immunity test
Figure 2 A selfie with the test engineers before ESD testing in the cabin area