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We use multiple channels to educate our clients and engineers who are interested in EMC.

A selection of articles, videos, presentations of our work. For more technical contents, please visit our sister website .

Paper: Capacitors: Theory and Applications – Published by InCompliance Magazine, October, 2021

Paper: Demystifying EMC in an Electric Vehicle’s Drive Unit – Published by Interference Technology, 2020 

Paper: EMC Design Techniques for Electronic Vehicle Powertrain Modules – Published by InCompliance, February, 2021

Paper: DC Link Capacitance – the front line of a power converter

PDF: EMC Design Considerations for Electric Drive Unit

Video: EMC Design Considerations for DC-DC Converters

Presentation (34minute) – Fast Circuits for Fast Cars – An Overview of Fast Switching Circuits and Their Impact on EMC

Video: Pre-compliance Conducted Emission EMC Test – Set-up, Scan and Results

Video: A Capacitively Coupled Pin Injection Immunity Test Method – An Alternative to BCI

Paper and Video: Fixing and Protecting the RF Input of A Spectrum Analyzer

Paper and video: Measuring the Impedance vs Frequency Curve of A Ceramic Capacitor

Video: Measuring Capacitor Array Frequency response 

Application Note: X type capacitor – I wish I could know this earlier!

Paper: Structure Resonance Amplifies RF Noise

Paper: A Low-cost Bulk Current Injection Test Set-up

Paper: A Capacitively Coupled Pin Injection Method – An Alternative to BCI