Pre-compliance testing helps to dramatically reduce risk to your product development schedule. The advantage of being able to perform some of the key tests in-house is that you can quickly determine whether your product is anywhere close to passing EMC. Identifying “red flags” early allows more cost-effective implementation of fixes. Our EMC pre-compliance testing ensures that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. 

We offer a wide range of EMC, safety assessment and pre-compliance services to help your business benefit from regulatory compliance. In addition to market access, your business will benefit in several ways. Our EMC pre-compliance testing is especially important for your products requiring final regulatory agency approvals.

Mach One Design can help you pass Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) requirements, such as those required in the US (FCC Part 15, Part 18), in Europe and international markets (European EMC Directive 2014/30/eu, the US Military (MIL STD-461 and MIL STD-464), various automotive manufacturers (FMC, JLR, MBN..) and the UK Military (DEF-STN 59-411). We can help you eliminate any conducted or radiated susceptibility or immunity problem.   

With fully-equipped pre-compliance test bench in house, we provide evaluations for most radiated and conducted emissions and immunity/susceptibility issues, including Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Design Review

We highly recommend you engage with Mach One Design EMC Consulting services at the beginning of your development cycle because this is the ONLY way that you can minimise your programme risk by avoiding costly and time-consuming electrical and mechanical redesign.    

We will help you avoid schedule-breaking electrical noise problems that delay product time-to-market. From component selection, to schematic, layout, mechanical assembly and final production, our consultants have in-depth expertise in the design, hence saving our clients months of development time, this often leads to earlier product introductions and greater revenues.

We work collaboratively with your electrical, electronics, mechanical, thermal design engineers as part of your design team, this approach will safeguard your prototype development. Potential interference issues are often identified before your PCB is built, this is beneficial to your budget control of the project. We would like to work with you through the entire product development process. 

Troubleshooting & Problem Fixing

We are known in the industry for being able to solve EMC challenges quickly and efficiently. From the time we got engaged with a new project, till a production solution is available, often all it takes is just a few days’ working time. We believe efficiency is the key to both our clients’ and our own success. Obviously, we cannot discuss any details on how we troubleshoot our clients’ product. But we provide the following two case studies to showcase our capability. Suffice to say that we never ask our clients to judge us on winners. We ask them to judge us on our losers because we have so few.

See a case study of how we trouble-shoot a problem and fix it in a timely manner.

Our second case study is now available, it is better to go with the YouTube video.

Education & Training

There is a high demand for in-house training programme in which we tailor our training materials to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We have seen this demand increase because, historically, EMC has been an afterthought in many companies, and only tested on the last build. This, inevitably, results in last minute changes that in some cases barely fixes the issues and some cases it doesn’t and production launch is delayed. Although consumers don’t “pay For EMC”, changes to the product are constantly happening, and in this dynamic environment, giving as much margin as possible, even at the cost of up front design and parts, is an investment that companies are willing to make to give their business units a little flexibility. 

Here at Mach One, we provide in-house training specific for your need. Our clients currently include many tech and design companies who benefited a lot from our training course. Dr Min Zhang didn’t start as an EMC engineer, but rather a motor control and power electronics design engineer. This turned out to be our strength as we can teach you to fix your EMC problems at the design/research stage.

Our training course is authentic, different and better based on our Triangle Model.