Pre-compliance testing helps to dramatically reduce risk to your product development schedule. The advantage of being able to perform some of the key tests in-house is that you can quickly determine whether your product is anywhere close to passing EMC. Identifying “red flags” early allows more cost-effective implementation of fixes. Our EMC pre-compliance testing ensures that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. 

We offer a wide range of EMC, safety assessment and pre-compliance services to help your business benefit from regulatory compliance. In addition to market access, your business will benefit in several ways. Our EMC pre-compliance testing is especially important for your products requiring final regulatory agency approvals.

Mach One Design can help you pass Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) requirements, such as those required in the US (FCC Part 15, Part 18), in Europe and international markets (European EMC Directive 2014/30/eu, the US Military (MIL STD-461 and MIL STD-464), various automotive manufacturers (FMC, JLR, MBN..) and the UK Military (DEF-STN 59-411). We can help you eliminate any conducted or radiated susceptibility or immunity problem.   

With fully-equipped pre-compliance test bench in house, we provide evaluations for most radiated and conducted emissions and immunity/susceptibility issues, including Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).


By combining hardware (such as shielded tent, LISNs, ground plane and spectrum analyzer) and software (EMCView to give perfect scanning), our conducted emission tests achieved the same performance as accredited test lab results (see below), giving you great confidence to pass EMC tests.

For radiated emission tests, it is often very difficult to achieve the same test results between different test houses. In fact, two test labs, both accredited, are most likely to present different results. This is quite normal in the field of EMC. The most important thing is to ensure your product’s emission stay below the limit line with good margin. At Mach One Design, we use various methods combined (Different types of antennas, RF current probes, TEM Cells and near field probes) to test a product’s radiation performance.

In my consulting work, I have noticed that radiated immunity (RI) issues have become much more pervasive for most of my clients. There are several reasons for this which include the shift to more compact design, more portable products, as well as the fact that noise margins for digital logic levels continue to be reduced as supply voltage decreases. At Mach One Design, we are capable of testing products’ immunity performance up to 3 GHz. We can carry out in-house radiated immunity and Bulk Current Injection tests.

Transient immunity failure is also a common failure for many product design. Among many transient immunity tests, the electric fast transient (EFT) or what we call Burst test is the most common test. Here at Mach One Design, we perform EFT tests in house.

Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) generates a very short pulse (often within 1 nanoseconds), with large voltage spike (10s of kV). As a result, this high dV/dt could be very dangerous for products and equipment. Without an ESD simulator (or what we call an ESD gun), such event cannot be generated, hence the troubleshooting process can be delayed. Here at Mach One Design, we have ESD simulator and high bandwidth oscilloscope for troubleshooting ESD immunity failures.