High-Frequency Measurements and Benchtop EMC Tests Course

Brought to you by Mach One Design 

This course is led by Dr. Min Zhang, a renowned EMC expert based in the UK, with technical support from Mr. Thomas Dowd of Telonic.

Course Objectives

This two-day course offers hands-on training for design engineers seeking a comprehensive understanding of high-frequency measurements and troubleshooting techniques to address Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) issues. Unlike many other training programs that focus primarily on theory, this course emphasizes real-world applications, featuring numerous demonstrations using state-of-the-art test equipment and interactive sessions for participants.

Who Should Attend

For Day 1 of the course, it is recommended for electrical/electronics engineers with at least 2 years of work experience who aim to establish benchtop EMC testing capabilities and gain fundamental knowledge of EMC principles, along with the ability to perform accurate high-frequency measurements.

For Day 2 of the course, it is designed for advanced or senior electrical/electronics engineers looking to deepen their expertise in EMC and apply advanced troubleshooting techniques to tackle the most challenging EMI issues in their designs.

Course Location

Telonic Show Room https://youtu.be/4MtwABNwZnE?si=kPcJ-fzQl53gntl0


Regularly run, next scheduled for mid-February 2024. please contact us or Telonic for details.

Day 1            


High Frequency Measurement Theory

  • Transmission Line, Reflections, Terminations
  • Coupling Mechanisms – Conductive, Near-field & Radiated Coupling 
  • Frequency: Low vs. High, and why it matters to us
  • Common Mode vs. Differential Mode Noise
  • Contact vs non-contact Measurement
  • Coaxial Cable

Essential Tools

  • Fundamentals of Near-Field Probes
  • Fundamentals of RF Current Probes

Conducted Emissions

  • Fundamentals of Conducted Emissions
  • Test Setup in details
  • Results Analysis
  • Ensuring Safe Connections to Protect Front-End of a Spectrum Analyser 

Radiated Emissions

  • Fundamentals of Radiated Emission Tests
  • Test Setup
  • Results Analysis


  • Fundamentals of Immunity Tests
  • Test Setup
  • Common Pitfalls in Immunity Testing

Day 2 

Advanced Use of Oscilloscope

  • Understanding the Impact of Ground Leads
  • Compensation Network
  • Loading: High vs. Low Impedance Inputs

Conducted Emission Troubleshooting 

  • Using an Oscilloscope to Identify Noise Sources
  • Methods to Separate Common Mode and Differential Mode Noise
  • Common Techniques to Suppress Conducted Noise

Filter Design 

  • Quick Simulation Approach
  • Testing Filters’ Performance
  • When Filters Do Not Meet Performance Expectations 

Radiated Emission Troubleshooting

  • Predicting Cable Radiation
  • TEM Cell Predictions
  • Transition from Near to Far Field
  • Common Techniques to Suppress Radiated Noise

Immunity Troubleshooting

  • Detecting Resonance Circuits
  • Injecting Noise into Vulnerable Circuitry
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Troubleshooting Methods

Advanced Testing

  • Advanced Use of RF current Probes
  • Advanced Use of Near-field Probes
  • And More

About the Course Trainer 

Dr. Min Zhang is the founder and principal EMC consultant of Mach One Design Ltd (www.mach1design.co.uk), a UK-based engineering firm that specializes in EMC consulting, troubleshooting, and training. His in-depth knowledge of power electronics, digital electronics, electric machines, and product design has benefitted companies worldwide. Zhang can be reached at info@mach1design.co.uk

About Telonic

Telonic Instruments Ltd is an ISO9001:2015 registered company specialises in Test Instruments and Programmable AC and DC Power Supplies from industry leading manufacturers including Kikusui, Delta Elektronika, Lab-Power, ETL Pruftechnik, Rigol, Siglent, Brymen, Danisense, Tekbox, Graphtec, Sensepeek, Microtest, JBC and Micsig. Telonic has been supporting the electronics, automotive, aerospace, education, manufacturing, research and development sectors with sales, service, calibration and hire in the UK for over 50 years.

For Demonstrators ONLY

AC LISN for Conducted Emission Test Demonstration

Please note that due to the high voltage nature of AC LISN, this demonstration will be conducted exclusively by our team. Course participants will have the opportunity to perform conducted emission tests with a DC setup only.

ESD Troubleshooting 

With a 1 GHz Oscilloscope

Proposed Benchtop Set-Up for Course Participants

Set-Up 1: Conducted Emission Set-Up


DC Power Supply

DC Load

Spectrum Analyzer

LISN Mate (for Day 2)

RF Current Probes (for Day 2)

DC-Powered Device Under Test (DUT) [to be determined]

Set-Up 2: Radiated Emission Set-Up

DC Power Supply

TEM Cell

RF Current Probe (for Day 2)

Near-Field Probe Set


Spectrum Analyzer

DC-Powered Device Under Test (DUT) [to be determined]

Set-Up 3: Immunity Set-up

DC Power Supply

TEM Cell


BCI Probe

Near-Field Probe Set

Spectrum Analyzer

RF Amplifier

DC-Powered Device Under Test (DUT) [to be determined]

Set-Up 4: Advanced Troubleshooting (for Day 2 Only):


Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Near-Field Probe Set

Pair of RF Current Probes

DC-Powered Devices Under Test (DUTs) [to be determined]