The UK is preparing to unveil a set of technology-focused policies this month (June, 2022) covering artificial intelligence, quantum computing and digital health, as the government tries to bolster London’s start-up scene following Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

An entirely new form of computing based on quantum physics is inching closer to practical use. The groundwork is being laid for the time when quantum processors — which are not limited to handling each step in a calculation in turn but can consider a range of possible answers simultaneously — bring another massive speed-up to the training of AI systems.

Still at an early stage, a fully functioning quantum computer takes lots of space and it is certainly a large system installation. Here is how Mach One Design helps commercialise one of world’s most advanced quantum computer system.

Project: EMC Work in a Large System Installation – A Quantum Computing System Case

Timescale: One day visit to customer site plus one day analysis

Scopes of work:

An EMC and compliance assessment is required for a quantum computing system that is designed to be installed in a data centre. Scopes of work are therefore defined as below:

  1. To perform an EMC risk assessment for the system under investigation. (Note, an EMC risk assessment is required for product compliance under the new EMC Directive).
  2. To find out the types of approval that is required for delivering the system in field.
  3. To assess the baseline EMC performance of the system under investigation. 
  4. To understand the required environment for running the system under investigation.
  5. If the system had emission/immunity issues, design and plan a route forward.

It is certainly an interesting project simply because of the product is a novel product and could innovate our life in a way that we could not possibly imagine. Mach One Design is pleased to get involved in this project at an early stage and we are determined to help the client to get this amazing machine into the market as soon as possible.

A peep into the quantum computer under assessment