Project: A 1 MWatt battery powered inverter module used as a power supply unit

Timescale: flexible

Scope of work: To review the system, help the client identify design issues, guide them to modify the design so that their module can pass the emission test. For the record, their module failed both the conducted and radiated emission test by big margin.

The client is a colossal American heavy industry company with global presence. This project is their move to a green product, hence very important.

This is what we call a review work. For this kind of project, we review the design, the system diagram, the CAD drawing of the module, etc. We also use multiple simulation tools to help the client quickly identify where the issues are.

Due to the highly confidentiality of this still on going project, we could not share more information. But I thought it would be interesting to show some non-technical pictures so that the readers can get a feel of the scale of this project.

Figure 1. This is the truck that is used to ship the DUT
Figure 2. DUT in preparation for testing