Project: A package of EMC assessment work on a large system installation

Time scale: 1 working day

Scope of work: An EMC assessment is needed for the UK XXXXX. Earlier, Element conducted tests on the system within the client’s factory to ensure compliance with DEF Stan 59-411 Part 3 tests DRE 01.B (Sea Service use – below decks) and DRE 02.B (land, sea, and air use). However, the ambient noise present in the facility hindered the client from achieving a direct pass using test method DRE 01.B. The tests were initially conducted during working hours and were subsequently re-tested after-hours to attempt to address the ambient noise issue.

The low-frequency radiated emissions were measured using an active rod antenna, as depicted in the picture. This antenna is extensively employed to test for low-frequency radiated emissions (ranging from 9 kHz to 40 MHz) in applications such as automotive, aerospace, and military contexts.