Project: A package of EMC troubleshooting work on an energy-harnessing machine

Time scale: 2 working days including a 1-day troubleshooting and 1-day technical review and report

Scope of work: An energy harnessing machine has experienced radiated emission issues, with the test results showing a broadband emission failure between 50 and 200MHz range. The scope of the work is to identify and locate the noise source in the system, analyse the noise propagation path and design cost-effective solutions to suppress the noise. 

  • We used the current probe monitoring method for troubleshooting. This is because 1, the higher-than-expected ambient noise means that the biconical antenna method would not work in this environment. 2. Since the radiated emission profile is broadband, it is most likely due to cable radiation. 
  • So the current probe method should serve as a good way of troubleshooting radiated emissions. 
Test method demonstration